Dr. Rishe is the Author of 3 books on database design and geography; Editor of 5 books on database management and high performance computing; Inventor of 4 U.S. patents on database querying, semantic database performance, Internet data extraction, and computer medicine; Author of 300 papers in journals and proceedings on databases, software engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Internet, and life sciences; Awardee of over $40 million in research grants by Government and Industry, including NASA, NSF, IBM, DoI, USGS; Architect of major industrial projects — both prior to his academic career, and as a consultant since; Founder and Director of the High Performance Database Research Center at FIU (HPDRC); Director of the NSF Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology at FIU (CREST) and of the NSF International FIU-FAU-Dubna Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (I/UCRC); Mentor of 70 postdocs, PhDs and MS; the inaugural FIU Outstanding University Professor. Rishe’s TerraFly project has been extensively covered by worldwide press, including the New York Times, USA Today, NPR, Science and Nature journals, and FOX TV News.

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