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Thursday, 26 June, 2014
Opening Hall A
Welcome Address
Ondřej Topolčan, Czech Republic
Uzia Galil, Israel
Yehuda Assaraf, Israel
Svatopluk Němeček, Minister of Health, Czech Republic
Jaroslav Blahoš, Czech Republic
Eliezer Shalev, Israel
Eddy Karnieli, Israel
Plenary Session I Hall A
Chair: Gad Rennert, Israel
Genomic Medicine – What Have We Learned so Far? Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, USA
Friday, 27 June, 2014
Targeted Therapeutics and Personalized Medicine in Cancer Hall A
Chairs: Yehuda Assaraf Israel, Arjan W. Griffioen, The Netherlands
08:30 Algorithm-based Optimization of Angiostatic Drug Combinations: Towards a Personalized Medicine Approach – Arjan W. Griffioen, The Netherlands
09:00 Intratumor Heterogeneity and Branched Evolution: A Challenge for Personalised Medicine – Nicholas McGranahan, UK
09:30 Pharmacogenomics of Potential Cancer Chemoprevention Drugs – Gad Rennert, Israel
10:00 Impaired FPGS Splicing as a Novel Mechanism of Chemoresistance in Leukemia: Towards Personalized Medicine – Yehuda Assaraf, Israel
Biomarkers in Personalized Medicine Hall A
Chairs: Ondrej Topolcan, Czech Republic, Illana Gozes, Israel
11:00 Activity-Dependent Neuroprotective Protein (ADNP): A Master Regulator Between Beyond Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and CancerIllana Gozes, Israel
11:30 Prognostic Significance of TMPRSS2-ERG Fusion Gene in Prostate Cancer – Martin Pesta, Czech Republic
11:45 Prognostic Significance of Cytokeratin Markers in Breast Cancer- A Meta Analysis – Vivian Barak, Czech Republic
12:00 Study of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for the Development of Personalized Programs of Prevention of the Proliferative Processes of Female Reproductive SystemVera Ogryzkova, Russia
12:15 Molecular Analysis of DNA in Advanced CancersFilip Janku, USA
Big Data and Decision Support Systems Hall A
Chairs: Yelena Yesha, USA, Yaacov Yesha, USA
13:30 Making Sense of Physician Notes: A Big Data ApproachAnupam Joshi, USA
13:45 Security and Privacy for Healthcare IT on the CloudKaruna P. Joshi, USA
14:00 Developing VA GDx: An Informatics Platform to Capture and Integrate Genetic Diagnostic Testing Data into the VA Electronic Health RecordScott DuVall, USA
14:30 Data Analytics for Personalized MedicineAryya Gangopadhyay, USA
15:00 Smart Physician/Patent Decision Support Healthcare SystemBorko Furht, USA
Plenary Session II – Imaging in Personalized Medicine Hall A
Chairs: Uzia Galil , Israel, Yelena Yesha, USA
“Eyes of Watson” and Mining VINCI – the Biggest Electronic Patient Database in the World – Eliot L. Siegel, USA
Saturday, 28 June, 2014
Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics Hall A Diagnostics in Personalized Medicine Hall B
Chairs: Alan Shuldiner, USA, Niva Shapira, Israel Chair: Zvia Agur, Israel
08:30 Theranostic applications of the Haptoglobin Polymorphism and Vitamin E – a Gateway for Pharmacogenomics in DiabetesShany Blum, Israel 08:30 A New Predictive Software Device for Aiding Clinical Decision Making in Lung CancerZvia Agur, Israel
09:00 Women’s Higher Risk in the Obesogenic Environment and Their Survival Paradox: A Gender Nutritional Approach as Part of Personalized Medicine – Niva Shapira, Israel 09:00 HE-4 and CA 125 in Ovarian Cancer Therapy Monitoring - Rafael Molina, Spain
09:15 Nutrigenomics – Practical Solutions in Metabolic Syndrome, Tatiana Amirova, Russia 09:15 In Silico Simulation of Tumour Radiobiology towards Individualised TreatmentLoredana Marcu, Romania
09:30 Personalized Medicine for Diabetic NephropathyJohanne Tremblay, Canada 09:30 Risk Stratification for Advanced Colorectal Neoplasia of Participants in a Colorectal Cancer Screening ProgramJosep M Auge, Spain
Until 09:45
09:45 Nutrigenomic Network Analysis of Adaptive Responses to Maternal High-sucrose Feeding in Rat Models of Metabolic Syndrome – Lucie Sedova, Czech Republic
10:00 Personalized Therapy Algorithms for Type 2 Diabetes: A Phenotypization-based ApproachRiccardo Candido, Italy
10:15 OPTITHERA: A Program for Personalized Medicine of Cardiometbolic Disorders with Focus on Diabetes and its ComplicationsPavel Hamet, Canada
Diabetes and Obesity – Update for Personalized Approach Hall A
Chairs: Ulf Smith, Sweden, Francesco Beguinot, Italy
11:00 Pharmacogenomics in Prediction, Diagnosis and Treatment in Diabetes – Alan Shuldiner, USA
11:30 Prediction and Prevention of Diabetes – Clinical and Biochemical Aspects – Hans-Ulrich Häring, Germany
12:00 The characteristics of genetic diseases among consanguineous – focus on obesity and cancer- Stavit Shalev, Israel
12:30 Targeting the Incretin Pathway for Protecting the Beta Cells – Gil Leibowitz, Israel
13:00 New Technologies for Basal Insulin: New Options for Treatment Regimen – Naim Shehadeh, Israel
Education and Implementation of Personalized Medicine Hall A
Chairs: Eddy Karnieli, Israel, Alan Shuldiner, USA
14:30 Challenges in Implementing Personalized Medicine – Eddy Karnieli, Israel
14:45 A Road Towards a Better Education in Personalized Medicine at UniversitiesMarie Karlikova, Czech Republic
15:00 Are Physicians/Clinicians Prepared to Implement the Concepts of Personalized Medicine for Enhanced Patient Care?- Olive Wolfe, USA
15:15 Return of Incidental Findings (IFs) from Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) of Children: An Analysis of What Happens during Informed Consent SessionsReed Pyeritz, USA
15:30 Korean Consumer’s Attitude on Personal Genome Testing and its Application to Personalized Medical Decision – Gicheol Jeong, South Korea
15:45 Ethics of Personalized MedicineJack Kushner, USA
16:00 The Place of the Family Physician in the Implementation of Personalized Medicine – Nicky Lieberman, Israel
16:30 “A Business Case for Personalized Medicine” – Jessica Nadler, USA
17:00 Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks:
Uzia Galil, Israel, Gad Rennert, Israel, Alan Shuldiner, USA, Nicky Lieberman, Israel, Ondřej Topolčan, Czech Republic, Jack Kushner, USA, Pavel Hamet, Canada