Stavit Allon-Shalev is a clinical associate professor in the Rapapport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, and the director of the Genetic Institute of Emek Medical Center, Afula, Israel. She had her MD studies in the Rapapport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, and had graduated com laude. Prof. Shalev had been certified as Pediatrician and Medical Geneticist in Israel, and was a visiting professor in BC’s Children’s hospital, Canada. She has been a member of several national committees guiding the policy of medical genetics in Israel, including the committee for rare diseases of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health National Council for Obstetrics, Genetics and Neonatology, the committee of genetic screening tests in high risk populations, and she was a chairwoman of the scientific advising committee for Medical Genetics, the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Health,

Her main fields of research are the characteristics of genetic disorders among the Arab population and dysmorphology, delineation of clinical phenotypes and genetic mechanisms of rare genetic diseases.

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